Video Training

MSK Education was formed in order to bring musculoskeletal examination and assessment skills to the health community in a practical and user-friendly format. Our instructional DVDs will provide you with a systematic and logical approach to the physical examination of the major joints of the body.
DVD 1 - MSK Examination
Stability Test
Review of the Anterior Drawer Test which is crucial for determination of stability of the ankle after an acute sprain.
Anterior-Posterior Load-Shift Test
Used to help determine anterior-posterior stability of the glenohumeral joint.
Resisted Muscle Tests
A comprehensive review of the major muscles involved in ROM and strength of the hips.
Reviews the appropriate hand placement and maneuver for the stability of these ligaments.
DVD 2 - Upper Extremities
Facet Test
Review of how to differentiate between facet and muscle etiology of neck pain.
Impingement Tests - Cross-over Test
One of the better tests to help determine acromioclavicular joint impingement of the shoulder.
Middle Finger Test
A good test to help diagnose classic “tennis elbow” or lateral epicondyle inflammation.
Wrist & Hand
Scaphoid Tests
A review of the 5 important tests to help determine scaphoid pathology.